captureSave Energy with These Tips

You have one appliance in your home that uses 20% to 30% of your monthly electricity, your refrigerator.  Make sure you have an energy efficient one.  Now, let’s discuss some simple steps you can take to save money on your energy bill.

  1. Turn off Lights  As a kid, I hated turning off lights, until my mom determined that each time she found a light on, I would lose 5 cents off my $5 monthly allowance.  This experience embedded in me the habit of turning lights off.  I understand now the reason, turn lights off and save $8 – $10 monthly.
  2. More Pleasing Lights  Why light up a whole room with 100 watts, when a table lamp with 40 watts suffices?  Also under counter and track lighting not only save money, the senses are more pleased. You save around $4 monthly.
  3. Shorter Shower  Heating water uses a lot of electricity.  If you cut down a minute or two per shower, you save about $20.
  4. Turn Water Off  Do you leave the hot water running when shaving or washing your hands?  I used to, until if figured out I could save about $15 and cut water usage by 5%.
  5. Dripping Faucets  How many of us have become irritated by a leaky water faucet before finally replacing that gasket?  When you stop a drip the moment you hear it, you save as much as $25 per year.
  6. Hot, Hot Water  Did you know you can adjust the temperature of your hot water?  Why have hot water so hot you have to add cold water to it?  For every 22 degrees you turn the temperature down, you save up to 3% monthly.
  7. Plugged In Electronics  Any electronic gadget you keep plugged in uses power 24/7.  That standby power uses up to 10% of your household electricity.  Unplugging chargers saves you up to $30 per year.
  8. New Laptop/Computer  If you still use an older computer, recycle it and get a laptop.  For two hours of use per day, you save up to $30 yearly.
  9. Television  We used a 23 year-old TV in our house until it finally quit.  We now save about $5 per year.

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