waterWater, water everywhere, but nary a drop for us. Drought, pesticides, and organics can all affect the quality of water for a homeowner. Knowing where your water is coming from and the quality of that water is one of the most important issues to address as a rural homeowner.

What Can Happen to Water?

There’s always the possibility of no water on rural property, or it may not be there in the quantity we require. Also, drinking water can become polluted to such an extent that it cannot be used. For hundreds of years, we have considered good, clean drinking water as an inherent right. There are signs that cracks may be forming in our water supply.

Ground Water

Ground water runs along or close to the surface. It picks up traces of anything we’ve left there. It could be chemical pesticide residue, metal pollutants, organic materials that contain e-coli, or a host of other contaminants we don’t want in our drinking water.

What Does a Rural Homeowner Do?

The first detail to recognize is that ground water probably isn’t the best water supply. The earth is a natural filter. Over a period of time, groundwater will reach subterranean levels. At that point many of the pollutants will have been naturally filtered out. That’s where you should get your drinking water. As a rural homeowner you need to know who to call when you’re looking for plenty of good, clean drinking water.

The second issue might be the amount of water from your well. It’s important to use a company that understands the geography of the Texoma area. You want a company you can trust to drill your well. You want a company who will find a supply of water which will provide for your irrigation needs.

You need the water drilling division of AOC Environmental.

What is AOC Environmental?

AOC Environmental has been drilling water wells in the Texoma area for more than 20 years. They understand the potentially negative impacts ground water can have on underground water. They know the area well enough to be able to drill with confidence for good, clean drinking water and water for irrigation.

Call AOC Environmental to Drill Your Water Well

If you’re a rural homeowner and require a new well, call the experts. AOC Environmental will drill a well to suit all your water needs.

Call AOC Environmental at 940-692-8989. Also, check out their services on their website.