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Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Form

Type of Company*
Include type and License numbers
Has the company operated under any other name in past five years?*
Does the company have offices, plants, or warehouses at other locations?*


Is the company a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) or any other type of certified business enterprise?*


Does the company have a line of credit from any lending institution?*
Do you have the ability to bond projects?


In the past five years, has your company of any of its key personnel been investigated for, or found, to have committed an OSHA violation?*
Do you have a written employee safety policy and program?*
Are there any open or aggregate liability claims that would impair your ability to insure any project?*


Has your company or any of its personnel been a party to a bankruptcy or reorganization proceeding?*
During the past five years, have any liens been filed against you by any of your subcontractors or suppliers?*
Have you ever failed to completed a contract, been defaulted, or had a contract terminated?*
In the past five years, has your company or any of its key personnel been involv ed in any lawsuits arising from construction projects?*


Current Projects -(Include name of project, scope of work, contract amount, and completion date)

Trade References - (List three of your subcontractors or suppliers; include name, contact, and phone number)
Client References - (List three clients, include name and phone number)


 Subcontractors for AOC Environmental are carefully selected to meet the highest standards.








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