Asbestos was considered one of those natural products that provided many economic benefits. In some parts of the world, it still does. However, throughout the world, the health risks of using asbestos far outweigh any economic benefits.

People Affected

The EWG Action Fund estimates twelve thousand to fifteen thousand people die each year due to asbestos exposure. What an impact! Why would anyone take the risk exposure to Asbestos? Research and understand before building or remodeling.

What are the risks?

People wouldn’t get on an airplane if they thought a significant danger was crashing. The same caution addresses asbestos before building or remodeling. Without sugar-coating it, the ultimate risk is death.

Before Building or Remodeling

Asbestos becomes buried in paint, old flooring, and caulking around windows. It gets covered in roofing materials, some cement products, and insulation. If these items, or any others containing it, remain undisturbed, no significant risk occurs.

However, the problems begin when workers building or remodeling come into contact with it. If workers disturb asbestos, then they put themselves at risk for many diseases, including cancer. If you discover this product hidden in your home or business, then removal through qualified handlers becomes a priority. The best in the business is AOC Environmental.

Who to Call?

Experts in the handling of asbestos avert legal consequences. Call a company with more than twenty years of experience in remediation and abatement. Call AOC Environmental to gain a deeper understanding of the dangers of handling this and other materials like it.

AOC provides the following when dealing with abatement or remediation:

• Evaluate the risk
• Develop an appropriate remediation plan
• Handle all the permitting
• Remove it safely
• Remain at the work site until the job is 100% complete.

Call AOC Environmental in Wichita Falls, Texas today for help in dealing with dangerous materials in your home or place of business.