Water is our most valuable resource.  In rural Texas, most of the water delivered to our homes, businesses, or crops flows from deep wells.  If your wells don’t function correctly, then serious problems develop. Therefore, schedule water well maintenance before problems begin.

Required Maintenance

AOC Environmental has been installing water wells in the Wichita Falls, Texas area for many years.  They described some basic maintenance issues required to keep your well in perfect working condition.

Test Your Water

Before bathing, most people test the temperature of the water with a hand or toe.  AOC Environmental recommends checking the water from your well for safe use.

Since your well was first established, has it been analyzed?  If your water tested safe for residential use and drinking, then you welcomed the good news.  However, occasionally that changes.  Environmental and other conditions continually affect the quality of your water.   Test your water, at minimum, for:

arsenic iron hardness bacteria total coliform e coli
contaminants lead pH wastewater uranium radon
fluoride tannins nitrates nitrites

Make clean, safe water a constant priority.

Water Well Maintenance

If you want to guarantee safe water, then schedule water well maintenance at least once per year.  If well maintenance dwells a great distance from busy minds, then problems develop and water stops flowing.  Scheduled maintenance prevents most issues. Therefore, repair costs remain low.

A list of well maintenance activities follows:

  •  Flow CheckConfirms the system operates at proper pump and flow levels. This test includes an inspection of the motor and pressure tank performance and ensures proper electrical contacts.
  •  Well EquipmentInspect equipment and linings to ensure sanitary conditions and code satisfaction.
  •  AgeCheck for deterioration and clogged pipes and other parts.  If pipes continue to clog, then bacteria builds up, causing unsafe drinking water.

 Call AOC Environmental

 If you need a new water well or maintenance, then call the experts at AOC Environmental.  They have installed water wells in the Wichita Falls, Texas area for more than 20 years.  If you want to maintain the safety of your water, our most precious resource, then schedule water well maintenance, also.

Call AOC Environmental at 940-692-8989.