A Message From Our Director

AOC Environmental Inc., founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2000, are general contractors in Wichita Falls. We’ll soon be celebrating our 20th anniversary. In preparation for our commemoration, I remember many events leading to our success. Success comes from only one place; our past, current, and future customers, and our employees. Personnel are our most valued assets.

Expanding Business

AOC began as an asbestos and lead abatement contractor.  We boasted one office staff member and one small abatement team. Over the years, Don and Agnes Weaver paid close attention to the needs of their community. Based on their observations and listening skills, AOC expanded its services to include:

  • Complete residential water well development.
  • Selective/specialized interior/exterior demolition.
  • Commercial/residential remodeling.
  • General contracting and project management.

Many Clients

Over the past 19 years AOC has been blessed to work with many clients. They consist of the Department of Defense, Corps of Engineers, Midwestern State University, and United Regional Health Care System.  We’ve also worked with every school district in the Texoma region, and hundreds of our local churches, businesses, and residents.

AOC proudly uses only local/regional sub-contractors, suppliers, and businesses to accomplish its projects. They supply the services, manpower, and products for project completion. Wichita Falls boasts some of the most talented, hardest working people this country has to offer. Therefore, AOC strives to hire individuals from our local community. This provides a Win-Win situation for both the community and AOC.

Community Support

AOC continually supports, invests, and stays fully involved in our local community. We maintain active membership in our local Rotary and Chamber of Commerce.

AOC enjoys significantly steady growth. We directly attribute our success to our simple business/personal philosophy, “Here to Serve”.  We always serve our customers and community.

Our Guidelines

Throughout the life of a project, AOC constantly and openly communicates with our customers, contractors, and team of professional employees. We assume 100% responsibility for every aspect of projects with which our clients entrust us.  Our customers, sub-contractors, and employees receive our total respect.

We founded our corporate culture upon these values:

  • Our Employees represent our greatest resource/asset.
  • Today, AOC exists and thrives because of our loyal customers.  Therefore, our #1 Priority is to meet their needs.
  • Efficiency, speed, flexibility, and quality workmanship generate the key to our success.
  • Whether employees or contractors, AOC values and respects those team members.
  • “Everyday” is an opportunity for “each” team member. If their skills/experience are further developed, the overall team benefits and their future is enhanced.
  • Every team member is encouraged to observe new technology, technical innovations, and processes which may help the team increase efficiency.
  • The personal attitude of each team member is their most valuable tool.
  • Daily, AOC leadership strives to foster a culture of safety and efficiency. A generous quarterly team “performance” bonus program is the reward.

Based on these simple principles and values, I’m confident that AOC Environmental Inc. will continue its trend of strong growth always seeking to meet the needs of our customers. In so doing, we’ll steadily evolve, capturing every opportunity within our region’s construction and engineering sector.

Appreciating Contractors and Employees

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation for the wise counsel/support provided by the owners, Donald and Agnes Weaver. The tremendous dedication and the hard work of each and every one of our incredible staff, our project managers, site supervisors, abatement workers, well drillers, and technicians deserves a THANKS. AOC simply couldn’t continue without the amazing team we’ve been blessed with. Thank you!

Most importantly, I’d like to thank our loyal customers for the trust and confidence they’ve placed in AOC over the years. We are both humbled and proud when we consider all our accomplishments. To our new and potential customers reading this message, thank you for considering partnership with AOC. When you decide to place your trust and confidence in AOC, we promise to provide the highest degree of professionalism, quality, and efficiency possible as we help you complete your project. All we ask is the opportunity to earn your business.

May God bless all of you and our great country!