When we were kids, we loved to demolish anything from sandcastles on the beach to snowmen sitting in the front yard.  At AOC Environmental, we love to demolish, too.  We’re on a much different scale than when we were kids, but we’re just as impassioned about it. AOC demolishes, re-builds, and cleans up after ourselves only when our job gives you the satisfaction you look for when it comes to remodeling.  Included in our services is mold intervention and asbestos remediation.

Demolition Services

AOC Environmental takes demolition seriously.  No matter how big or small, we approach every job with the standard to perform beyond your expectations. “Quality is Job No. 1” is our goal.

The Steps of Demolition

  1.  To understand the project, we assess:  The scope of requirements. The scope guarantees the correct team and equipment for the job. Therefore, the completed work retains efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Safety issues. We make safety our #1 Priority.  We develop a safety plan to guarantee workers, people in the surrounding area, and flow-through traffic remain out of danger. Our experts handle special removal problems such as mold or asbestos.  Other considerations include space constraints, overhead wires, and traffic flow must be taken into consideration.
  2. The Job  We execute each job to exacting standards created to ensure performance beyond your expectations. The job utilizes proper workforce and equipment.
  3. Clean-up  We won’t leave the job site until it’s as “clean as a whistle.”  A clean site at the end of a job speaks volumes about us.  We even furnish the brooms for the final sweep.

Call AOC for Your Demolition

If you have a government, industrial, or commercial demolition project, you need AOC Environmental to complete your demolition project.  We finish your demolition project, performing beyond your expectations.  For us, we reach our goal when the job is complete.

Call AOC Environmental at 940-692-8989 or visit their Website .