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The Risk of Asbestos

Asbestos was considered one of those natural products that provided many economic benefits. In some parts of the world, it still does. However, throughout the world, the health risks of

Water Well Maintenance

Water is our most valuable resource.  In rural Texas, most of the water delivered to our homes, businesses, or crops flows from deep wells.  If your wells don’t function correctly,

Energy Saving Tips

Save Energy with These Tips You have one appliance in your home that uses 20% to 30% of your monthly electricity, your refrigerator.  Make sure you have an energy efficient

Choosing a General Contractor

Choosing the right general commercial contractor for your government, industrial, or commercial construction or renovation project can be the most important decision you’ll make.  The wrong general commercial contractor could

Water Well Maintenance

Don’t Forget Water Well Maintenance Water is our most valuable resource.  Imagine what would happen without water. In rural Texas, some of our water is delivered to our homes, our

Asbestos in the Workplace

  The United States banned the use of asbestos in building materials and  other applications in 1989. But the courts partially overturned the ruling, allowing continued use of products manufactured

Asbestos at Home

Do You Have Asbestos in Your Home? If your home was built before 1975, you’re probably living in a cocoon of asbestos.  Prior to 1975 most insulation was made with

Ground Water

Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop for us. Drought, pesticides, and organics can all affect the quality of water for a homeowner. Knowing where your water is coming from