free-handyman-clip-art-jcf8fc-clipartChoosing the right general commercial contractor for your government, industrial, or commercial construction or renovation project can be the most important decision you’ll make.  The wrong general commercial contractor could cost you thousands of dollars and possibly destroy your project.  Select a general commercial contractor who satisfies several components.

How to Choose a General Contractor

To help you choose a good contractor, be aware of the following items:

  1. Know What You Want  Check your understanding of the essentials and necessities for your new construction or renovation project.  The first step toward the organization, delivery, and completion of any project is to understand and confirm the unique needs and goals of the client.
  2. Plans, Plans, Plans  AOC Environmental sets the tone for success by listing a well-defined set of plans.  Whether the job consists of a small commercial renovation or a large project for government, industrial, or commercial clients, a plan exists.
  3. Know Your Requirements  Know what you need from a contractor.  For example, if you want an electrical job done, don’t enlist a plumbing contractor.  AOC Environmental helps clients make sense of their essentials.  Our specialized Project Management team complements our construction division.
  4. Put Your Tender Package Together  If you desire your project to Tender, build a well-defined scope of work, a budget, and all necessary plans. As a result, contractors bid with the same information, therefore, you make wise comparisons of bids.
  5. Buyer Beware  You need to find a reputable general contractor who delivers your project on time and on budget.  Beware when selecting a general contractor and don’t choose by price alone.  Contractors sometimes submit a low price, then challenge Change Orders to increase the price.  This game leads to very expensive litigation.  If a contractor’s bid is outside the range of other bids, BEWARE!
  6. Confirm the Contractor’s Technical Capabilities and Safety Record  Every unique project has different requirements.  Confirming a contractor’s technical capabilities, track record, and safety record is critical.

AOC Environmental

For more than 20 years AOC Environmental has performed beyond our clients’ expectations with top quality work and fair prices.  We produce proof of technical skills and employ a technical and professional staff to work closely with you.

So, if you have a government, industrial, or commercial construction or renovation project, call AOC Environmental.  Our team delivers the highest quality work on schedule.

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