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Health issues or death from exposure to the six varieties of asbestos has been recorded as far back as Roman times. The severity of risk from exposure to asbestos has spread throughout many areas of our lives. Long-term effects often emerge decades after exposure occurs.

United States Regulation

Various levels of government administer asbestos regulation in the United States.  Federal regulation falls under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s responsibility is limited to asbestos exposure in the workplace. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates non-occupational workplaces and buildings.

In Texas, the regulation of asbestos occurs through the “Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 295 (C)” (CAC).  They address regulation in public and commercial buildings and facilities. The main goal aims to minimize public exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. The Code also outlines penalties and inspection requirements for building owners. It includes licensing, training, and record keeping.  Registration requirements that apply to people engaged in asbestos-related activities exist in the CAC as well. One likewise finds the minimum requirements for asbestos abatement practices.

Understanding the myriad of requirements sometimes becomes confusing, complicated, and time-consuming.  As a government agency, call AOC Environmental for help.  Their professional staff understands asbestos abatement.  They ease your workload and worries from the beginning to the completion of asbestos abatement.

AOC Environmental, the Asbestos Abatement Experts

For more than 25 years, AOC Environmental has worked with government agencies.  They make their buildings and facilities safe from asbestos exposure. No job is too big or too small. They approach each project with a passion for serving clients beyond their expectations.

If you work for a government agency with concerns about asbestos, then call AOC Environmental. Our professional Project Management Team guides you through our process.  This includes:

  • Managing your asbestos project from start to finish with their unique set of skills.
  • Helping you understand the rules and regulations affecting asbestos in your building or facility.
  • Managing the baseline and secondary levels of required asbestos assessments.
  • Developing asbestos abatement, management, and remediation plans.
  • Developing transportation and disposal plans.
  • Fulfilling any Notices required prior to abatement activities.
  • Asbestos removal and transportation with the least disruption.
  • All follow-up reporting and contractual requirements including the management of contractor hold-backs, performance bonds, and employee and government reporting requirements.

Call AOC Environmental

If the government agency you manage considers asbestos remediation, then AOC Environmental completes the job beyond your expectations. You receive top-quality work completed in a timely manner. We work quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.  You deserve the AOC Asbestos Remediation Team.

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