AOC Environmental for the Healthcare Sector

Your healthcare organization has enough to worry about. Asbestos remediation shouldn’t be one of those worries. Many older public buildings have asbestos in them around window casings, in flooring, pipe wrapping, or wall and ceiling coverings. Those are just a few of the areas asbestos has been used. If you’re worried about asbestos in your building, call AOC Environmental to make your building safe.

What AOC Environmental Can Do for the Healthcare Sector

Following is a summary of some of the professional asbestos remediation services AOC Environmental can perform:

  • Understanding of the Law. There are specific laws and regulations affecting the assessment, notice, planning, and removal involved in any asbestos remediation project. AOC Environmental understands the legislation and regulations. They know the requirements.
  • Identify the Problem. There are assessments required for an adequate remediation plan to be developed. It’s necessary to understand the extent of the requirements for asbestos remediation.
  • Project Management. Managing any project takes a unique set of skills typically not found in most organizations. The AOC Environmental Project Management Team will help you manage your construction schedules, RFQ’s, RFP’s, Call for Tenders, Contracts, and Awards. They’ll be your on-site owner’s representative when there are issues to address on your project.
  • Cleaning up the Mess. There are specific requirements for the removal and transport of contaminated materials. AOC Environmental has the professional and qualified staff to ensure that your asbestos remediation is completed and cleaned up, satisfying all rules and regulations.

Call on AOC Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation for asbestos requires special certification, special training, and skills for proper asbestos removal. You need a team who cares about you and your environment; a team who expects to give you a quality job.

Call 940-692-8989 or visit our Website. AOC Environmental will give you the satisfaction of a complete and safe removal of asbestos.