Is Your Foundation in Good Shape?

Whether applying makeup, building a boat, driving a car, or about anything, if you don’t start with a good foundation, the results end up in a mess. Everyone needs to understand why a good foundation is so important.

The same principle applies to your building. If your foundation isn’t in good shape, and you don’t fix it, you’ll end up with a mess. Walls crack, door jambs fall out of alignment, and windows don’t open. The worst issue is your building could come tumbling down.

What Causes a Poor Foundation?

There are many causes of a poor foundation. One possibility is the foundation wasn’t constructed properly in the first place. Foundations are built with no supporting steel or with poor-quality cement. Poor drainage or no drainage around a building or improper design for the soil or earthquake conditions cause major foundation issues. Supporting beams rotting away or a foundation built on wooden posts that are giving-way are foundation problems, also.

You may see a crack in an outside wall or have a door that won’t close properly. If you think you have a problem with your foundation, have it checked by AOC Environmental. Their professional staff will evaluate the condition of your foundation. They’ll advise you about the requirements needed to ensure your foundation is in good shape.

How AOC Environmental Determines the Condition of Your Foundation

A call to AOC Environmental swings an entire team into action. Engineering professionals and a general contracting team work together to complete an evaluation. Check points include:

  1. Full external visual inspection including the possibility of digging inspection pits. This enables a thorough examination of your foundation footings.
  2. Complete internal, visual inspection. This includes the possibility of testing wooden beams for rot or taking small cement samples to test for the quality of materials.
  3. Inspection of upper floor windows and doors for other damage which may occur due to shifting foundation.
  4. Entire building inspection for separations between joints and rooflines, especially in the presence of significant foundation shifting or failure.

Be assured, AOC Environmental will do everything required to educate you about the present condition of your building and its foundation.


If you’re experiencing cracks in your walls or ceiling or doors and windows that won’t open and close properly, you have a problem with your foundation.

There are many reasons your foundation may have a problem. Let AOC Environmental of Wichita Falls Texas assess your foundation. They have many years’ experience dealing with home and building problems. Call them for a foundation inspection. They’ll provide the repairs you need to put it in good condition.

AOC Environmental can be your one-stop shop for your building remediation. Whether it’s dealing with mold, asbestos, or your foundation, AOC Environmental will renovate your building so it’s a safe place to be.

Call AOC Environmental at 940-692-8989 or visit the Website. They provide you service that goes way beyond your expectations.