We experience events every day that put us at risk. What’s the best way to manage risk in our daily lives?  One could participate in extreme sports and manage the level of risk by being prepared. There are risks all around that affect us. One serious risk is mold growth in your building.

What is Mold?

We’ve all seen mold on bread. If left long enough, it’ll develop spores. If touched, the spores become airborne. Airborne spores potentially affect our health. We typically dispose of moldy food immediately. No one wants to eat moldy food. No one should live with mold in their building either.

Mold growth in a building puts everyone at risk. It can create serious health risks. Conditions that create mold are a lack of air circulation and warm, humidity. Some causes of mold growth are the lack of an exhaust fan in the bathroom or boiling water on the stove without proper air circulation.

Typically, mold in a building first appears as a blackish color in the corners of rooms or around light fixtures. It can grow anywhere. Seeing mold usually indicates mold it’s elsewhere in the building.

If you see mold or think you smell it, take action immediately. Bring in the experts from AOC Environmental Inc. They’ll assess your situation and get rid of the mold. They’ll find and eliminate the conditions that allowed the mold growth in your building.

How to Test for Mold

The presence of mold can be seen quite easily on wall or ceiling surfaces. Finding mold becomes a challenge if it’s behind the walls or ceiling. It also grows in locations not readily accessible. Everyone must be vigilant concerning mold in their buildings. Beyond physical inspections, they should consider appropriate air quality tests.

An air quality test requires a test kit and samples sent to inspection labs. You can do the test yourself. But it’s best to call in an expert to ensure the test is correctly completed. Call the experts in mold, asbestos, and environmental management, AOC Environmental Inc of Wichita Falls, Texas.

What if You Do Have Mold?

If mold is found in your building, take immediate action. It and the conditions that allow its growth must be eliminated. If the mold area is small, it’s possible to remove it yourself. But you must wear appropriate safety clothing including a respirator. The area must be thoroughly washed with a water and disinfectant mixture. Mold and its spores can cause serious health issues.

Following removal, the conditions allowing the mold growth must be eliminated. If it’s poor building circulation, AOC Environmental Inc can design a plan to improve your building circulation.

AOC Environmental, Inc can also provide a plan if the problem is humidity. They provide building renovations through their general contracting division. The conditions allowing mold to grow will be eliminated.


Seeing or smelling mold means you have a building environment problem that can lead to serious health issues. Take action straightaway to reduce the health risk. The best action is to call the experts from AOC Environmental Inc. They’ll assess, eliminate, and renovate.

The staff at AOC Environmental Inc have more than 40 years of combined experience in addressing mold and asbestos and environmental management. They professionally assess and remove mold. Their general contracting division completes any building renovations to repair conditions to keep mold away. Their quality and service are impressive.

Reduce the risk to your health. Bring in the experts in mold remediation, asbestos remediation, and environmental management. No job is too large or too small. AOC Environmental Inc performs each job efficiently. They’ll work beyond your expectations in quality, service, and timeliness.

Your health depends on the way you choose to handle the risk of mold exposure in your building. Call AOC Environmental Inc today at 940-692-8989.