Project management from AOC Environmental, Inc. of Wichita Falls, Texas

If you own, contract, or invest, then you deal with a range of requirements during each phase of your construction project.  Our project management provides services no matter what size or type of project you develop.  Those services include comprehensive supervision, inspection, and administrative services for all types of projects.

If you need a leader in project management, then we offer you extensive experience in all aspects of construction. Consequently, we help you reduce risks, control budgets, and effectively keep your construction project within a planned schedule. Therefore, we help you meet all compliance standards whether enforced by government, client, or company.

We offer experience, expertise, and resources to ensure the successful, safe completion of your project. AOC Environmental representatives guide you through inspections, certification, testing, and verification.  If project management is what you need, then we set your guidelines and direct you to your goals.

Our unique and dedicated approach led us to become trusted project management experts all over the world.  We provide institutions, private investors, and real estate owners with our professional services.  Accordingly, our reputation and services spread to insurers and construction companies.

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Our project management services enable you to comply with all relevant regulations and standards.  If you contact us at 940-692-8989, then you receive a free consultation regarding you needs.  Call AOC Environmental today to discuss any of the following services:

Project Management Services:

  • Administrative Support
  • Construction Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Records Management
  • Safety Management
  • Technical Support
  • Contract Compliance

If you still entertain doubts about us, then a short list of projects could improve your opinion.  We proudly served as the general contractor for the Corps of Engineers.  Many of those projects included:

  • Proctor Lake Park Modernization
  • Hords Creek / Proctor Lake Renovations
  • Hamm Creek Park Renovations
  • Lake Whitney Powerhouse Asbestos Abatement
  • Waco Lake Flood Gates
  • Dallas Floodway Extension