Why Invest In A Water Well?

In this area of North Texas, drought has become a major concern for farmers, ranchers and homeowners. Most counties and cities within the area put restrictions on water use. These restrictions often sacrifice agricultural, livestock, and landscaping investments. AOC Environmental offers a self-reliant solution to this growing water problem. The Seymour Aquifer, located under a large majority of this area, offers a great source of water. for an affordable and reliable source of water, invest in a water well.

A Valuable Source

Water wells provide an excellent source of water for livestock, agriculture, and landscaping needs. If your land is located over an Aquifer, then you have a possibility of tapping into this valuable resource. The Seymour Aquifer extends below many parts of Wichita Falls and the surrounding communities. If you need more details, then peruse some of the many informative websites. You find the locations of these underground aquifers along with valuable information regarding water well drilling.


Drilling Processes & Guidelines

The State of Texas maintains water well drilling as a licensed, regulated profession.  That allows only licensed drillers to drill water wells or install the pumps and equipment for customers.  AOC Environmental, a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, abides by all the rules and regulations. We guarantee proper procedures when drilling your well.

The type of formation encountered determines which process would be best to use. We skillfully drill with either air or mud, after establishing the type of formation.  In this area, we have found that both types of drilling work equally well.

Following a set list of guidelines enables AOC Environmental to choose a location for your well.  Some of those guidelines include a certain distance to be maintained from property lines, water and sewer lines, and contamination fields. Consequently, state law requires that all utilities on the property be marked before any drilling occurs.  This process sometimes takes a few days to clear the site for drilling.  We do our best to help you find a place for your well which adheres to the regulations and still functions well for your needs.

The AOC Difference

AOC Environmental, Inc., a local company, proudly offers our customers quality products and reasonably priced service. We use American made, top quality materials and offer a 5 year warranty on our variety of pumps. With our knowledgeable and experienced drillers, we offer complete water well service. Count on us to manage your water well project from start to finish, whether large or small.  Subsequently, we handle any issues or service you need in the future.

Custom Designed Systems

Our skilled pump installers custom build each pump system with the individual’s needs in mind. They guide our customers toward the design that best suits their particular situation. The type of well produced, intended use of the water, and electrical sources factor into the issues when deciding which type of system works best. We design many systems including those for basic needs, as well as, for the needs of more advanced irrigation systems. Let us help you design a pump system that works for you!

Services Provided

  • Drill New Water Wells
  • Pump Installations
  • Pump Repair/Maintenance
  • Plug/Deepen Existing Wells
  • Winterization

Products Available

  • Electric Pumps
  • Solar Pumps/Panels
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Pump Houses/Covers
  • Sand Socks

For More Information:

If you need to discuss water well drilling services, then call us today for free consultation regarding any project management needs at 940-692-8989.  We ensure compliance to all relevant regulations and standards.

Additional Information