Don’t Forget Water Well Maintenance

imagesWater is our most valuable resource.  Imagine what would happen without water. In rural Texas, some of our water is delivered to our homes, our businesses, and our crops from deep wells.  Without well-functioning, maintained wells, many would have serious problems.

What Maintenance is Required?

 AOC Environmental addressed the answer to this question because of their many years of experience installing water wells in the Wichita Falls, Texas area.  They described some basic maintenance issues required to maintain your well’s perfect working condition.

Test Your Water

 Allowing shower water to tumble over a hand or dipping a toe carefully into the tub is most people’s way of testing the water.  AOC Environmental says, “Take the test one step further by checking your well water to make certain it’s safe to use.”

The possibility that your water has been thoroughly analyzed after the initial drill is very slim. Your water may have been safe to use and drink, but later, many environmental conditions can affect the quality of your water.   A simple water test reveals at least:

arsenic iron hardness bacteria total coliform e coli
contaminants lead pH wastewater uranium radon
fluoride tannins nitrates nitrites

Everyone’s priority should be clean, safe, useful water. Testing your water at least once per year provides the knowledge that your water is safe.

Maintain your Well

Well maintenance is usually the furthest thought from anyone’s mind.  The faucet spews forth water, no problem.  However, one day the water stops. Replacement parts or a new well is a highly expensive fix.  The best process is to maintain the well at least once per year.  Problems can be found and repaired before a lack of water causes you to move or drill a new well.

Following are some maintenance activities:

  •  Flow Check proper system operation at correct pump and flow levels. Include an inspection of motor and pressure tank performance and electrical contacts.
  • Well Equipment and linings  inspected for code satisfaction and sanitary conditions.


Age affects water wells just as it affects the rest of us. It deteriorates, bacteria build up, and pipes and parts become clogged.  Clogged pipes cause problems that don’t usually appear until too late. Inspecting pipes for clogs should occur once per year also.

Call AOC Environmental

If you need a water well or have questions about maintenance, call the experts at AOC Environmental.  They’ve been installing water wells in the Wichita Falls, Texas area for more than 20 years. Water is our most precious resource, and AOC Environmental installs your water well and give you peace of mind, knowing your water is safe.

Call the experts at AOC Environmental at 940-692-8989.